The way through a good presentation: Combining Typefaces

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After the basics of typography, It’s time to go a little bit in detail and see how can we improve our typeface selections by picking the best pair in our fonts library. Combining typography is important for you if you want to establish a different and harmonious layout for your projects and presentations, and of course, not every two font you select will not combine well with each other. So let’s get it started.

Sans Serif vs. Serif

As I mentioned in my previous post, you can make a combination by picking a sans and serif font. Take for example, Helvetica and Baskerville:

Ekran Resmi 2014-04-24 19.29.48
Helvetica Neue Bold with Baskerville Regular.


 Heavy + Light

Using contrast with heavy & light styles can help you in combination. Take, for example, Minion Pro and Open Sans: Here I used both of them in different sizes

Open Sans Bold, Minion Pro Regular.
Or vice versa.

 Capital + Small Letters

Using Capital and small letters can give you some flexibility in combination. Again, Minion Pro and Open Sans here:

Minion Pro and Open Sans, left aligned.

Different Styles

Apart from the Serif & Sans serif combinations, you can also combine two fonts with different characteristics & feel in general. Take Open Sans, a sans serif font and Cylburn, a script font:

Open Sans Bold & Cylburn

And… Some of the best font combinations here:

Georgia & Verdana
Helvetica & Garamond
Bodoni & Futura
Caslon & Univers
Frutiger & Minion Pro
Avenir & Minion Pro
Myriad Pro & Minion Pro



Useful Links:

Here are some valuable resources that you can explore more about typography and combinations.

Smashing Magazine, Best Practices of Combining Typefaces, Combining Typefaces

A basic chart for combining typefaces, Mixing Typefaces


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